Let’s meet online!

“Cirkuliacija” is an educational contemporary circus festival that grows bigger since 2015 and attracts new and various audiences with each year. The main goal of the festival is to introduce contemporary circus to more people – its subtle and unique language, and also its educational and social capabilities.

The festival has witnessed that contemporary circus is a perfect way to bring together any kind of a community for a dialogue. This is why “Cirkuliacija” is inviting everyone for a festive experience that is accessible, interesting and friendly to everyone on June 4-16.



virtual festival

On June 6-14th the Contemporary Circus Festival “Cirkuliacija” will return to Kaunas in a new format and invite the audience to virtual meetings. The theme of this year is called “Private Zone”. The main program of this Festival will be transferred to the next year, but two aspects of the Festival will be emphasized this year: education and communication. The Festival takes place in different places of the city every year. This year’s focus is on the Vilijampole area (Kaunas, Lithuania).

Virtual creative workshops

This “distanced workshop” will develop new skills and raise the qualifications of artists. Over 2 weeks, the artists will engage together via video conferences and then have different practical exercises to explore individually. The performers will communicate with the lecturers in a virtual way, discussions and attempts will be made to link their research with certain places in Vilijampolė. On June 6th, 14h the results of the education process will intervene in the Vilijampolė area.


Claudel Doucet is a famous artist in Canada. She researches risk in bodies and presences to weaken facades and explores the forces that stretch, between violence and tenderness. Her interdisciplinary projects explore intimacy long to create new forms of communities. One of them – the performance “Se Prendre”.

Ariel Bronz is an independent artist, theater director, performance artist, playwright, poet, actor, acting and performance teacher and the house director of ‘Clipa Company’. He created the performance “Locked” and researches the themes about commemoration and The Holocaust.


The audience will virtually meet the participants of the Festival on podcasts and the live performances of the guests are postponed till the next year. This meeting will give an audience the opportunity to get to know the troupes more closely even before seeing the actual performances.

Participants: Sisus Sirkus, the performance “Mosh Split”, “ENT” Company, the performance ” Plast “, Ariel Bronz; My!Laika, the performance “Laerte”; John-Paul Zaccarini; Lion Lion (Claudel Doucet), the performance “Se Prendre”; Stacey Sacks; “eia” Company, the performance “InTarsi”.


June 6th, Cirkuliacija (Lithuania)
June 7th, Sisus Sirkus (Finland)
June 8th , ENT Company (Sweden)
June 9th , Ariel Bronz (Israel)
June 10th , My! Laika (France/Italy)
June 11th , John-Paul Zaccarini (Sweden)
June 12th , Lion Lion Company (Canada)
June 13th, Stacey Sacks (Zimbabwe/Sweden/Lithuania)
June 14th, Circus Ei eia (Spain)