“À mesure – Handle with care” | Accompany ME (Italy / Lithuania / France)


13th of June 6:00 pm

Cultural Center of Tauragė


15th of June 6:00 pm

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre


14th of June 7:00 pm

Arts Printing House / Menų spaustuvė

Age guidance: 8+
Show duration: 50 mins

Accompany ME is inspired by the English word “pace”, as it indicates the rhythm, the step, the cadence. It recalls the sharing of a journey with another person.

With this work two female artists want to leave a positive and heartwarming message. The performance offers a glimpse into the intimate space of a relationship: it shows the teamworks that is necessary to make things work… The goal is to keep on going, together.

The Cyr wheel language is explored in all its directions, as well as it is combined with the use of some objects, such as eggs, known for their fragility. “À mesure – Handle with care” is an allegory of love in life, it’s about finding a common rhythm with another person.

Authors and performers: Monika Neverauskaite and Elena Damasio
Music composition: Eric Pollet and Valentin Avoiron
Outside eye and dramaturgical advice: Marie Vela, Clémentine Dilé, Gildas Aleksa
Light composition: Mantas Pauliukonis
Video: Mindaugas Drigotas
Photo credits: Dainius Putinas, Donatas Ališauskas

Accompany ME is coproduced by the Lithuanian Council for Culture in partnership with Teatronas. Funded by: Sweden-Lithuania Cooperation Fund and Culture Moves Europe- Goethe Institut. Passed the first selection at Circus Next 2024.
Residencies at: Cirko Sapiens (LT), Latitude 50 – Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue: www.latitude50.be, Subtopia (SE), Maison des Jonglages (FR), l’Essieu du Batut (FR), La Roseraie (BE), Ecole de cirque de Tarbes Passing, Arts Printing House (LT), MJC Croix Daurade and MJC Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse (FR), Villa Manin, Udine (IT), Station Circus, Basel (CH), Festival Spoffin, Amersfoort (NL).