COLOKOLO (Morocco) “Qahwa Noss Noss”


7th of June 7:00 pm

Prienai Freedom Square


8th of June 6:00 pm

Kaunas Freedom square by Soboras (Freedom av.)

Duration 60 min

Recommended 10+

Juggling, acrobatics, Chinese pole, manipulation of objects, rocking and a large dose of humor are the ingredients of the coffee prepared by Colokolo.

Qahwa Noss Noss is the story of a popular Moroccan café. The play is a portrayal of the everyday lives of regular people : one whose broke at the end of the month, one who spends his day counting the passersby while drinking nothing, and one who continually asks to have his coffee rewarmed and complains about the shoeshiner who tries to share his cup of coffee. The viewer moves from one character to another, over situations that are comic, poetic & acrobatic.

Colokolo, established in 2013 in Casablanca, was one of the first contemporary circus collectives in Morocco and brings together artists from different disciplines and urban performers. Several members of Colokolo – by now a hub of excellence for the discipline in the North African country – have specialised in aerial acrobatics.