“Julieta” | Gabriela Muñoz (Mexico)


14th June 7:00 pm

Šiauliai Drama Theater


15th June 8:00 pm

16th of June 7:00 pm

Menų spaustuvė / Arts Printing House


Age guidance: 12+

Show duration: 60 mins

Exposed under different lenses that magnify, distort and play with whatever life throws her way, Julieta tells the story of a woman – full of experiences and quirkiness – and the multiple layers that old age brings. It is a visual non-verbal one woman show of physical theatre and clowning that deals with the split between youth and old age.

Whether preparing for a date with her favourite singer on the television or cutting paintings in half so they fit exactly where she wants them, smoothing out her wrinkles with sellotape or slipping around on olive oil for her exercise routine – Julieta explores the different stages of life and how our self-image transforms, mutates and warps accordingly.


“Little is said about the old. Few are the tributes that are made to older people reaching the final stretch of life. I loved being close to Julieta and feeling her walk down each step that would take her to say goodbye to this earthly passage. I saw her, at 83 years old, go to the beauty salon with her group of friends “the widows of jazz” – as they called themselves-, to drink rhum and coke and smoke cigars, I looked at her eyes through her bottle- bottomed glasses and I had fun watching the rhythm of her blinking in tune with small movements of her mouth, sticking her little hand out the window to see how the weather was and then deciding how to dress, I heard her play the piano to perfection despite not remembering who she was. Julieta, a free, fun, creative, vain and flirtatious soul, a generous woman who taught me a lot about the life that one day I long to have. This tribute transcends the literal to accommodate the humor and nuances of a very full life. This is the show inspired by the life of my grandmother – Julieta.”


Gabriela Muñoz, director and performer of “Julieta  

Created, directed and performed by Gabriela Muñoz

Costume Design: Rebekka Dornhege Reyes

Set design: Rebekka Dornhege Reyes and Gemma Raurell Colomer

Light design and technical operator: Aurora Rodriguez

Set construction: Jaume Grau

Producer: Heleen De Boever

Photo credit: Antonia Fritche

In co-production with Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Chämaleon, Berlin and with the support of MICC (Marché International du Cirque Contemporain) and FONCA.


  • No admission after the event starts;
  • No photos / videos can be taken during the performance;.This event is recommended for visitors older than 12. If you are attending with small children, please choose seats closer to the exit, so that you can leave the venue quickly if necessary without disturbing other audience members enjoying the performance. Thank you for your understanding;