“Konstrukt” | Circus Kolektiv (Croatia)


6th of June 6:00 pm

Šiauliai National Drama Theater


8th of June 3:00 pm

Elektrėnai Cultural Center


7th of June 6:00 pm

Girstutis Culture Center

Age guidance: 9+

Show duration: 50 mins

For a circus artist, especially an aerialist, a fall is the most undesirable event to happen on stage. In “Konstrukt”, it is the emphasis of the whole show. The work is reimagining the superhero image of circus artists, and instead puts them in a position of miserable madmen, who share their struggle with the world, desperate for compassion, clarification and catharsis.  Acceptance, giving up, stubbornly defying to the point of exhaustion, or…a realization: the concepts of success and failure are merely constructs of the mind. 

“Konstrukt” speaks about failure and dealing with wrong choices. Aerial equipment in the show is fragile, unsafe and unsuitable for use. The characters are fools who keep trying to perform on it and invest a lot of effort into a battle that is already lost. They ultimately face a question – how to deal with failure?


*Nominated for “Circusnext” 2022-2023

Author: Dora Komenda

Interpreters: Klara Barišić, Georgina Cassels, Georgiana Johnson

Light design: Domagoj Šoić

Sound design: Mišo Komenda

Production: Cirkus Kolektiv

Co-production: circusnext

Special thanks: Antonia Kuzmanić, Roberto Magro 

With support: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, The City of Split, i-Portunus architecture 2021 (C.IN.E. Sineu, Prostorož), Croatian Circus Residential Network 2022 (Prostor plus), Culture Moves Europe 2024, Cirqueon, La central del circ.



  • No admission after the event starts;
  • No photos / videos can be taken during the performance;
  • Performance is in English language, and will be not translated or subtitled;.This event is recommended for visitors older than 9. If you are attending with small children, please choose seats closer to the exit, so that you can leave the venue quickly if necessary without disturbing other audience members enjoying the performance. Thank you for your understanding;