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Jesse Huygh & Rocio Garrote (Belgium) | 2 Meters

June 9, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - June 10, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Jesse Huygh & Rocio Garrote (Belgium)

2 Meters

2022 06 09 18:00 

KTU Vaižgantas school, stadium (Skuodo str. 27)

Free entrance


2022 06 10 18:30

Baltijos circus yard (Drobės g. 31)

Free entrance


I am an artist. I am ill.

Circus is my way of dreaming and giving hope. To live fully and nourish the soul.

Keeping on performing despite my condition is a source of inspiration and motivation.

À 2 Mètres is a show that displays hopes, dreams and the value of the present. It is a struggle against the suffering that holds us down and immobilises us. It is an active exploration of the profound motivations that give us desire to live, no matter the conditions.

Here are the foundations for this creation; a desire to act for the desire to live. Touring in hospitals in order to share our energy with the patients, inspire them, give them joy, love and courage.

Breaking through the desperation and the resignation by taking these people to a different reality where chasing their dreams is still a possibility.

Our desire? To see smiling faces of children in the windows, with stars in their eyes, marvelling at what takes place outside.

Jesse Huygh



Despite being diagnosed at 12 years of age with cystic fibrosis, Jesse has always been active: national level gymnastics, judo, swimming, and circus left him with little time to spare for other hobbies.


Rocio was born in 1992 in Bahia Blanca, in Argentina. From an early age she went in the artistic direction by studying theatre, dance and circus. She educated herself at the two professional circus programs: Circo Soq and National University of San Martin.

Looking for one’s limits, restrictions, these frames that hold us back. Anyone can relate, in one way or another, because each individual has their own internal battle. To each story its own scale.


Ours openly wants to send a strong message by depicting a fight between life and death; between the desire to act and the limitations of a sick body.

Jesse has cystic fibrosis. His illness becomes a burden, a limitation. These last years, his health has deteriorated and he is currently depending on an oxygen concentrator. This object, visible in some of the photos, is a tool for survival.

It is the third protagonist. Inert, it is essential to the narrative and to Jesse’s movements. Without oxygen, he can no longer tell his story, nor move. Where his body imposes limits, Rocio is there to support him and even carry him, alleviating her partner’s burden. Is it possible to develop one’s own identity when one’s body is depending on someone else?

How do you take care of someone without getting lost and draining yourself? How can two people coexist, helping each other, without losing their own identity?


Artists and creators: Jesse Huygh & Rocio Garrote.

Dramaturgical help and realisation of lights: Alba Sarraute

Duration: 45′

Outside eyes: Aurelia Brailowsky & Sergi Pares

Light design: Nicolas Priouzeau

Music: Felix Fivaz (composition, recording, mixing & mastering), Jonas Brülhart (text

and musical interpretation), Marco Nuesch (voice recording)

Dissemination: Cécile Imbernon, La chouette diffusion

Administration: Jesse Huygh

Photos: Patrick Lemineur (indoor), Double take cinematic circus, Katelijn Boonen (outdoor)


June 9, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
June 10, 2022 @ 7:30 pm


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