3rd of June 7:00 pm

Arts Printing House / Menų spaustuvė (Šiltadaržio str 6)


4th of June 12:00 pm

Arts Printing House / Menų spaustuvė (Šiltadaržio str 6)

Creation and direction: Modou Fata Touré

Performers: Ibrahima Camara, Modou Fata Touré

Lighting creation: Grégoire de Lafond

Sound and musical creation: Loïc Sagot

External observers: Boureima Keinou, Nathalie Tarlet

Executive production: Laura Petit

Co-productions and residencies: La Scène Nationale de l’Essonne Agora-Desnos (Evry-Courcouronnes); le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (Bagneux); l’Espace d’Albret (Nérac), le Cirque électrique (Paris); le Théâtre des Bergeries (Noisy-le-Sec); la Cie Vis Comica (Quessoy); Côté lumière-côté décor (Saint-Esprit des bois); le Grand Théâtre National de Dakar (Sénégal) 

Funding: Le Ministère de la Culture (DGCA); la Région Ile de France; La Ville de Paris; la Spedidam; La SACD et l’Académie Fratellini – Lauréat 2021 « Processus Cirque »; L’Institut Français Paris – Lauréat 2020 « Visas pour la création »; La SACD/Beaumarchais – Lauréat 2020 « Aide à l’écriture de cirque »; l’Institut Français du Sénégal

Creation 2023 

Duration: 50 min

Recommended: 10+

First the obscurity… Then the light. Slowly, a stage covered with straw is revealed. A being emerges, as if from the belly of the earth… 


With Ancrage, Modou Fata Touré offers a show full of humanity and deeply nourished by his native land, Senegal. On the stage, the commitment is total, oscillating between weight, tension and balance. The bodies confront and support each other, test and tame each other, to finally find their anchorage point. A new world is then invented, where nature and human beings merge, rooting themselves to each other and immersing us in a deep peace. 


Ancrage is a quest for identity, a return to the roots. Echoing his own history, Modou Fata Touré questions the relationship that humans have with nature, disconnected and sometimes conflicting. In duo with the acrobat Ibrahima Camara, he was inspired by raw materials: straw, wood, earth… to develop new techniques and new apparatus, his way of doing circus. The writing, free and plural, traces the new face of contemporary African circus.