“Suddenly: and other ways to change” | Opus Company  (Finland)


6th of June 6:00 pm

Lapes Cultural Center


7th of June 8:00 pm

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

Age guidance: 8+

Show duration: up to 60 mins

“Suddenly: and other ways to change” is a visual exploration into the sensations of transformation. What does it feel like to let change wash over you? The performance utilizes magic, circus and theater to examine the idea of constantly shedding away old layers of yourself. At its core, the show deals with the grief that accompanies such transformative events. 


This show tells a story about the performer’s life, while aiming to speak to some universal experience of the contradictions of personal growth. In a way it is something we all want, to be better versions of ourselves and yet it is a process we rarely have control over. The show investigates the themes of  loss, pain and deep joy in the turmoil of the changing self. “Suddenly: and other ways to change” – a  contemporary magic and circus performance about transformation; about what it feels like to change so deeply you replace yourself completely. 

Concept: Kerttu Opus and Adam Opus

Performance: Kerttu Opus

Lights: Jaakko Sirainen

Costumes: Kerttu Opus and Ella Kauppinen

Supported by Kone Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


  • No admission after the event starts;
  • No photos / videos can be taken during the performance;
  • This event is recommended for visitors older than 8.. If you are attending with small children, please choose seats closer to the exit, so that you can leave the venue quickly if necessary without disturbing other audience members enjoying the performance. Thank you for your understanding.